About us

DEO is a newly-established Event Management company based in Bali focusing on M.I.C.E. We realize that conventions are not just a gathering of people discussing certain issues. It takes special handling by a special team in all aspects of the meetings. It is those who can best understand their clients’ objectives and be creative in achieving them who win the day on most occasions. And meetings organized by DEO has increased rapidly. It is because clients are more demanding and acknowledge that our investment in expertise produces better results.

The founder, Ervy Februana, is a man of great vision, bringing together his broad experience, expertise, know-how and innovation over the past 12 years in handling international M.I.C.E. events in Bali. Throughout this period, under his guidance and leadership, Ervy has put any big names to shame and consistently staged the most prominent and widely recognized events in Bali by serving multinational and international corporate worldwide.

DEO adopts a no-compromise policy in providing clients with a level of exceptional customer service. It has always been the foundation of the company maintaining and building on the customer-focused values that built DEO with a reputation that radiates throughout in a very relatively short period of time. DEO employs its expertise and talent to deliver integrated services of the utmost quality to its clients, ensuring impeccable and successful meetings and events ANY where, ANY time.

And, in collaboration with a Singapore-based company engaged in providing up-to-date supporting events production makes DEO a better option for a bigger scope in handling international events across the region.